Automotive 48V Power Supply Systems

Bringing 48V to mass market

After several years of investigating, planning, and optimizing the technology, 48V powered mild-hybrid cars are finally becoming a reality. Various OEMs are putting models– and not only in the premium segment – on the market. The next stage is to determine what more is possible and how to make this technology a standard for the mass consumer market. The 6th edition of the “48V Power Supply Systems” conference will bring together top OEMs, Tier 1s, battery manufacturers, power electronics and other suppliers to provide an overview of the latest case studies, developments and strategies in the mild-hybrid vehicle realm.

Why attend the conference?

  •  Understand the latest developments of 48 Volt power supply systems
  •  Get an overview of the current status of the ISO workgroup for 48V standardization
  •  Discuss innovative concepts to guarantee reliable energy supply of the 48V system
  •  Gain insight into the next steps of 48V hybridization and electrification as a cost effective approach to reduce fuel consumption
  •  Learn about protective devices for 48V power nets
  •  Understand the world wide approval of automotive 48 Volt power supply systems
  •  Discover the latest innovations for semiconductors
  •  Explore the first experiences of the serial production results of 48V technology

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